What is sitelinks ad extension in Google Adwords and how to create sitelinks ?

Sitelinks Ad Extension gives you an option to show links to pages of your website other than the main “landing page”. In an ad sitelinks will appear below the text of your ad. Sitelinks appear in the ads that are at top or bottom of Google Search Results. We can activate sitelinks in campaign settings.


Sitelinks are shown in Red Box

How many sitelinks can appear in an ad?

Ads on search results pages displayed on desktop computers and tablets can show two, four, or six links in addition to the display URL. Ads on search results pages displayed on mobile phones with full Internet browsers can show up to two additional links (not available for WAP phones).

How to create sitelinks?

Please follow below mentioned steps to create sitelinks in a new campaign:

Step 1. Go to your Campaigns Tab and click +New campaign. Please see the figure below:

Campaigns Tab: Create a new campaign


Step 2. On the “Select campaign settings” page go to the Ad extensions section. Check the box next to “Sitelinks: Extend my ads with links to sections of my site.” :

Go to Ad extensions marked in red box

Step 3. Enter link text and destination URLs, delete “http,” from URL’s. You can add up to 10 sitelinks per campaign, allowing AdWords to have as many chances to show sitelinks as possible. The frequency of a sitelink shown in an ad depends on the order of your sitelink and performance factor.

You can enter upto 10 Sitelinks

Click “Save and Continue” after you complete all the Campaign Settings you want.

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